$250,000 Settlement

Congratulations to Matthew Shelby and David Greene for settling a case in mediation for $250,000. Due to the negligence of an employee of a Mobile-area store, a heavy box fell on the the victim resulting in a severe arm injury. While the defense initially denied liability, Shelby was able to prove liability and damages in a mediation presentation at the Greene & Phillips’s Mobile, AL headquarters. Using a combination of videos, pictures, medical recreations, and doctor testimony in a multimedia presentation, Shelby showed that the company was fully responsible for the accident and their insurance should pay the full value of the claim. Matthew Shelby has been with Greene & Phillips Injury Lawyers since 2009 and in that time has won settlements and verdicts for hundreds of personal injury victims. David Greene is the founder and managing partner of the law firm and has won several very large settlements and verdicts including the 2010 9.5 million dollar settlement for a trucking accident resulting in a brain injury.