Airbag Recall

Eight vehicle manufacturers have issued recalls for problems related to sharp metal pieces or shrapnel shooting out of airbags when they are deployed. BMW, Honda, Mazda, Chrysler, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Subaru have recalled cars and trucks that included airbags manufactured by Japanese automotive parts company Takata.

You’ll find links about the defective airbags and recall information on the Greene & Phillips website. Go there to find out if your vehicle is affected by the recall. Airbags were meant to help, not hurt.

N. Staples Wood, a product liability attorney at Greene & Phillips, says these airbag defects can be grounds for compensation for injury victims. If you or anyone you know have been involved in an accident where the vehicle’s airbag deployed and there were injuries caused by shrapnel from the airbags, contact Greene & Phillips to consult with a Product Liability lawyer to determine if you have a case. Greene & Phillips has experience helping their clients recover money for their injuries due to faultily designed products.

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