Construction Injury

from Studio 10 Working in the construction industry can be very dangerous. If someone is injured as a crew member on a construction site, their case can be much more complex than a workers’ comp case. If a subcontractor was negligent, making the employee’s situation more hazardous contributing to the accident, that must be taken into account. In many situations, a construction case may require more detailed investigation than many workers comp cases that cover several parties that may need to be held responsible. The lawyers at Greene and Phillips have handled cases where safety railings have not been installed correctly allowing their client to fall. They have also handles cases surrounding heavy items falling from cranes, workers being run over by heavy equipment, or workers sustaining injuries due to walls collapsing or even fires and explosions. Many victims of construction accidents will never be able to work again, let alone have the same quality of life like they used to. While winning a big settlement can’t make you whole, David Greene says it can help ease some of the pain. So if you’re injured while working on a construction site, seek medical attention, submit First Report of Injury with your employer, then make sure you call Greene and Phillips your construction injury lawyers.