MGM Sexual Misconduct Case

MGM Sexual Misconduct Case David Greene, from Greene & Phillips Injury Lawyers, recently spoke with reporters oh behalf of the family of the 14 year-old victim of sexual misconduct from Mary G. Montgomery High School teacher Alicia Gray. From Local 15 TV:

The victim’s attorney David Greene stated, “You trust the school personnel with your children and when the individual was entrusted with your kids is now accused of molesting your 14-year-old child. That is a very traumatic situation.” From Fox 10 TV

“It’s a tragedy. A 14-year-old young man (was) taken advantage of by a woman (who is) 28-years-old. It’s inappropriate, the family is devastated, shocked, and stunned,” Greene said. From News 5:

The Family has hired Attorney David Greene who says the relationship was not mutual, “He was not ready for something like that, and certainly when someone in a position of authority takes advantage of him. He way preyed upon, he was sought after, singled out, and taken advantage of.”