What Is The Greene Guarantee?

It’s the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a team of lawyers at work for you.

No Fee

Worried about cost? at Greene & Phillips, the consultation is always free and we don’t charge you a dime, unless we get money for you. There’s no risk, no upfront cost, and we work hard to get you all the money you deserve for your injuries.

We Will Come To You

After your accident, we know it can be tough to get to us. Your car is broken, you may be stuck at home, or worse, in the hospital. Call us today, and we’ll come to you for your free consultation.

Instant Access

With a quick phone call you can know the status of your case. With our advanced case management system, any of our staff members can let you know what state your case is in, and what to expect. Even when your case manager and lawyer are out of the office, you can still find out what we’ve been working on.

More Money

Insurance Company’s own research shows that victims of car accidents who hire a lawyer on average get three and a half more money than those who try to settle with the insurance company themselves. The reason is clear, when you don’t know the rules to the game, it’s hard to win. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer levels the playing field. We know the insurance company’s tricks to save themselves money that rightfully belongs to you.


Look at our list of settlements. We’ve helped thousands of injury victims recover millions of dollars. Greene & Phillips has a proven record to get money for our clients. Not sure what your case is worth? Call today for a free consultation.

The Right Care

After your accident, you need to focus on getting better, we can help you navigate the complex world of doctors and hospitals in your healing process. We’ll make sure you get the medical care you need to get better. Even if you don’t have health insurance, we’ll make sure you get the right care.


When you hire Greene & Phillips, you’re hiring a team of lawyers and staff focussed on getting you money for your accident. Our case managers work closely with our attorneys to make sure you get better and get the most money for your injuries. When you’ve got a team like Greene & Phillips on your side, the insurance company won’t know what hit them.