Wrongful Death Lawsuit

From Studio 10: You’ve probably heard the term “Wrongful Death”, but do you know exactly what it means from a legal standpoint? David Green, a personal injury lawyer from Green and Phillips says wrongful death lawsuits are filed when someone is killed through no fault of their own. Wrongful death may be the result of a car, truck, or ATV accident, a construction accident, or even an industrial accident, among other things. Typically the death is unintentional. When someone files a wrongful death lawsuit, he or she must prove that a company or individual was negligent, and that they were responsible for providing a safe environment and failed to do so. It’s important that the person filing the lawsuit do so quickly due to the statute of limitations, and because evidence becomes increasingly difficult to obtain the longer you wait. The attorneys at Greene & Phillips can help families who have lost someone to a wrongful death. They start by doing a thorough investigation into the case. Then they hold the accountable parties responsible for that loss.