Industrial Accidents

The Mobile area has many very large industrial workplaces from chemical plants, steel mills, paper mills and petroleum plants, to ship building. In each of these industries there are inherent risks of injury to employees. Sometimes people make mistakes, and those mistakes can cause significant injuries or death-railings can fail causing a fall, explosions can occur causing serious burns, and falling debris can crush limbs or cause head trauma.

David Greene's own father worked for years in the paper mill right here in lower Alabama. He would return home from a long day at work often with stories of coworkers who got injured on the job. Even from an early age, David knew it wasn't right that this big corporation was not keeping their workers safe or caring for them when they were hurt. Years later David is still driven to protect the rights of those who were hurt by someone else's negligence.

When someone is injured in an industrial accident they should seek medical attention immediately. Be sure that your manager is aware of the injury and that the appropriate forms have been filled out. Also see if you can get witness statements from any of your co-workers that saw what happened. If you have a way to document the accident with the forms, recorded witness statements, or with pictures, do that too. It’s important to recover as much evidence about the accident as soon as you can.

Your employer is required by law to provide you a safe working environment. If they failed to do this then they are responsible for your injuries. This is why industrial accident cases tend to have a Workers' Compensation component to them.

Greene & Phillips can help you wade through the complexities of Industrial Accident Law. We are ready to do an extensive investigation, look at third party responsibility, defective product issues, deal with multiple insurance companies, workers-comp issues, and more.

Types of Industrial Accidents

  • Industrial Fall
  • Chemical Burn
  • Industrial Burn
  • Burns from hot ashes
  • Industrial Explosion
  • Improper Safety Gear
  • Falling Objects
  • Unsafe Working Conditions
  • Many more

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