Legal Advice on Trucking Accidents

When you've been in a trucking accident

  1. Seek Medical attention
  2. Make sure the authorities are called
  3. Make sure a report is filed
  4. If you are able ask about any witnesses
  5. Take photos of the scene if you are able
  6. Also talk to an attorney
As you search for an attorney to represent you, make sure you hire an attorney who has experience with big truck cases, and make sure to ask them how much money they have recovered for victims of trucking accidents. A personal injury lawyer who regularly handles truck accidents is not going to make big mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

A lawyer with experience will have the knowledge to find ways to increase the value of your case. They'll be able to attain information that you may not know how to get on your own. The company who owns the 18-wheeler will be investigating the scene trying to prove it's not their fault to minimize their cost. You as the victim really need someone looking out for your best interest.

We send an investigator to the scene as soon as we are hired. Accident reconstruction experts create graphs of the scene to determine the speed of both vehicles, how the accident happened, who was at fault.

We look for things that can add value to the case including recovering logbooks and driving record of the operator. Also we seek out interview any witnesses, and recover any video that may have been recorded of the incident

Truckers can be distracted, they can be drowsy from driving longer than they should, also the truck may be equipped with faulty equipment like brakes or tires, or have maintenance issues that contribute to the accident. A trucking accident lawyer is going to to be able to hire the right experts to find out all the causes of the accident, and make sure that the responsible parties pay.

Most big truck accident cases settle before going to trial. If the insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement, we will take the case to court. If you don't have someone on your side who knows this type of case you may be at a disadvantage.

Greene & Phillips has been handling trucking cases since the late 90s. We've handled cases ranging from a hundred thousand dollar cases to multimillion dollar cases.

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