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Our Team of Attorneys

Greene & Phillips has 8 injury attorneys and a total of 41 staff members. We employ attorneys licensed in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and are associated with firms throughout the continental United States.

J. David Greene - Personal Injury Attorney - Mobile Alabama

J. David Greene

Founding Member
Chief Executive Officer

Will G. Phillips - Car Accident Lawyer - Mobile, AL

Will G. Phillips

Injury Attorney

Britt V. Bethea - Personal Injury Attorney - Alabama - Florida - Mississippi

Britt V. Bethea

Injury Attorney

Stephen M. Collins Jr - Car Wreck Lawyer - Mobile, AL

Stephen M. Collins

Director of Legal Operations

Charles (Chase) E. Davis - Car Wreck Lawyer - Mobile AL

Charles E. Davis

Injury Attorney

Joshua T. Morgan - Personal Injury Attorney - Mobile, AL

Joshua T. Morgan

Injury Attorney

Charles J. Barber - Personal Injury Attorney - Mobile, AL

Charles J. Barber

Injury Attorney

Benjamin M. Warren - Injury Lawyer, Mobile, AL

Benjamin M. Warren

Injury Attorney