Areas of Practice

Car Accidents

After your auto accident, dealing with the insurance company can be very challenging. Insurance adjusters are trained to find ways to save their company money by not paying you what you deserve. Greene & Phillips has helped thousands of car wreck victims recover millions of dollars insurance companies, we can help you, too. The insurance company’s own research shows that those who hire a lawyer recover an average of 3 1/2 times more money for their accident than those who don’t hire a lawyer. Call or stop by today for your free consultation. Learn More
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Trucking Accidents

Because of their size, big trucks can cause horrific damage when they are involved in a traffic accident. Injuries caused by these accidents can be very serious causing death or requiring extensive hospitalization and care. Hiring a lawyer as soon as you can following a 18-wheeler accident ensures important evidence can be obtained to support your case such as black-box data, truck maintenance information (including condition of tires and brakes), witness statements and more. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a big truck, call or stop by today, we can answer your questions then start immediately investigating your case. Learn More

Product Liability

Product Liability is an area of law that protects consumers against faulty products. When a manufacturer produces a product that is shown to be unsafe, that manufacturer is responsible for fixing the product and often paying damages to the person who was injured because of the product’s faults. If you are injured from a defective car part (including airbags and tires), a dangerous household product, dangerous work equipment, or defective health care equipment, contact us to see if you have a case. Consultations are always free at Greene & Phillips, and you don’t owe us anything unless we get money for you. Learn More
The Greene & Phillips Workers Compensation Attorneys can get you the benefits and money you deserve.

Workers Comp

When you are injured on the job, workers comp insurance owes you sufficient compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Applying for workers comp can be a confusing and complicated process, and many times injury victims are unjustly denied claims. The attorneys at Greene & Phillips have extensive experience helping injured workers recover damages for their injuries. We carefully look at all the evidence to maximize your case’s worth. Call or stop by today to talk to a Workers Comp Attorney at Greene & Phillips. Learn More
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Aviation Accidents

When you are injured in an aviation accident, often it is due to the negligence of the airline, pilot, or maintenance crew. Regardless if it was pilot error, mechanical oversight, or corporate policies that lead to unsafe flying, you deserve full compensation for your injuries and loss. Greene & Phillips Attorneys’ David Greene and Britt Bethea are licensed pilots (instrument rated, high performance, complex) who regularly fly the Greene & Phillips aircraft. Their extensive court experience combined with a deep understanding of aviation language and procedures gives them a unique perspective of the complexities of aviation accident cases. Call or stop by today to find out how Greene & Phillips can help you with your Aviation Injury Case. Learn More
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Construction Accident

There are often other sources to recovering financial losses from construction accidents than just workers comp. Construction site accidents can be due to neglece by sub-contractors or from dangers related to product liability and defective products used at the site. It is important after your construction site injury, to have an attorney who has experience handling these types of cases. Call or come by Greene & Phillips today, for a free consultation. Learn More
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Slip and Fall

“Slip and Fall” or “Trip and Fall” is a term describing a situation where someone slips or trips due to a dangerous condition on property belonging to someone else. Property owners and businesses are required to provide a safe environment for their customers and guests, yet unmarked hazards such as wet or defective flooring, poor lighting, broken handrails, or other dangers can result in serious injuries or death. The attorneys of Greene & Phillips will investigate your claim, seek any evidence or witness statements, and quickly get the money you deserve for your injury. Learn More
Slip and Fall Attorney - Mobile, AL

Maritime Accident

Working as a maritime worker or seaman can be dangerous. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has declared that commercial fishing alone is the most dangerous job in the country (2007). If you’ve been injured as a crew of a tanker, tug boat, barge, trawler, jack-up rig, semi-submersible rig, mobile offshore drilling rig, or other maritime vessel, you need to know your rights under the Jones Act and other maritime laws. The lawyers of Greene & Phillips have the experience and the knowledge about all aspects of maritime law and would be happy to answer your questions about what your options are when you’ve been injured at sea or on a river. Learn More