Goodwin Holley: A Champion On and Off the Court – Athlete of the Week

Greene & Phillips Injury Lawyers proudly sponsors Fox Ten‘s Athlete of the Week, serving up some serious recognition for outstanding young athletes in our community. Congratulations to the incredible Goodwin Holley, senior at Spanish Fort and star of Toros Tennis program.

A6 Individual Boy’s State Champion

Goodwin Holley has served up a season full of smashing triumphs and backhand brilliance. As the unchallenged boys singles player for the Toros, Holley has aced his way to an impressive 20-1 record culminating in the Alabama 6a Boys Individual Title.

Coach Lance Thomas described Holley’s championship victory as one of the best performances he has ever witnessed.

Holley says he had no apprehensions heading up to Montgomery for the final matches. He was eager face any opponent and determined to emerge victorious. He credits his success to hard work and prayer, expressing his gratitude to God for the opportunity to showcase his talent and achieve his goals.

Leadership On and Off the Court

Holley’s impact reaches beyond his exceptional performance on the tennis court. He is recognized as a natural leader among his teammates, providing guidance and inspiration both on and off the court illustrated by sharing his expertise and passion for the sport through the clinics for children seven and up. He embodies the qualities of a true tennis champion, not only through his athletic achievements but also through his character and dedication to helping others.

A Bright Future

As Holley transitions to the collegiate level at University of Mobile this fall and his high school tennis career comes to a close his teammates and coaches will miss him.

His words of advise to aspiring athletes: prayer, hard work, and unwavering determination.

Congratulations to Goodwin Holley on his outstanding tennis season and his well-deserved recognition as the Greene & Phillips Athlete of the Week. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet all the amazing athletes over this past spring.

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