WNSP – Summer Driving Safety – May 30, 2023

As summer approaches, many people eagerly anticipate road trips, vacations, and outdoor activities. However, with the rise in travel and increased traffic during the summer months, the risk of accidents also tends to surge. In a conversation this morning with The Opening Kickoff hosts, Lee Shirvanian and Mark Heim, on WNSP Sports Radio 105.5 in Mobile,  David Greene  shed light on the importance of practicing caution on the roads during the summer season.

Demystifying the Summer Accident Frenzy

Car accidents seem to multiply during the summer months. But why? Let’s uncover the reasons behind this sunny season crash extravaganza:

  1. Teen Driver Tsunami: With schools out and the open road beckoning, throngs of young drivers hit the asphalt, bringing their unique blend of enthusiasm and questionable judgment to the mix.
  2. Vacation Congestion Syndrome: As families embark on sun-soaked getaways and tourists flood popular destinations, the roads become clogged with vehicles, increasing the likelihood of fender benders and traffic tangles.
  3. Sunny Spirits and Risky Rides: Alas, summer is not all ice cream and pool parties. The warmer weather tempts some folks to indulge in a bit too much liquid courage before taking the wheel, leading to a spike in alcohol-related incidents.

Mastering the Art of Summer Roadtripping

To emerge unscathed this summer, here are some strategies to outsmart accidents:

  1. Timing is Everything: Like a ninja, plan your trips wisely by avoiding peak traffic hours. Leave earlier or later to sidestep the chaos and embrace open roads.
  2. Unlock your inner Sherlock Holmes and pay keen attention to your surroundings. Spot potential dangers before they pounce. Unleash your defensive driving skills, being prepared for the unexpected can mean the difference between a close call and serious injury.

Seeking Heroic Legal Aid

If you end up being in an accident be sure to call a lawyer before you talk to your insurance adjustors.  They are trained to ask you questions that can severely limit the recovery you can get from them. A headache for sure!

Be safe out there.  Drop by during office hours, call anytime 888-510-1020 or fill out contact form.