Halloween Safety

Halloween is a time for friends and family to have fun while dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating. Though it can be a fun night for everyone, there are also safety precautions that are important to know before going out for the night.

One important note to make before going trick-or-treating is to never let your children go alone. You always want to make sure they are with a group or you are with them at all times. Before stepping out into the road and going to the house across the street, make sure you and your children both check for cars both ways. If possible, only use crosswalks or intersections that are marked on the busier roads. Look both ways twice to ensure extra safety is being taken into consideration. Once you are sure there are no cars coming from either direction, you can cross the road while keeping your children close.

Another important note to make before taking your children trick-or-treating is to make sure their costumes fit properly. If the costumes are too big or are dragging the ground, it could cause your child to trip on it which could lead to an injury. You also want to be careful if you are choosing to wear a mask. Masks can impair your vision and make it dangerous when you are crossing roads or walking in a neighborhood you may not be familiar with. If you choose to wear a mask, make sure you are not alone and can rely on someone just in case you cannot properly see out of it. You want to also make sure your child does not have any sharp objects as part of their costume. If they are carrying a sword or something similar, make sure it cannot injure them if they were to trip or fall on it.

If you are passing out candy at your house, it is important to make sure any hazardous items are picked up to ensure the safety of everyone walking on your property. If you have any extension cords running in your yard, it might be best to pick them up or move them where nobody will be walking. This will give you clear of mind that nobody will trip over them and cause any injury. You also want to make sure your property is well lit before anybody steps onto it. If there is not proper lighting, someone could fall over something they cannot see. Once these things are done, it will be easier for everyone to enjoy their night.

Some final tips to follow to have the safest night is to first, carry a flashlight. If you happen to come across a house that is passing out candy, but does not have the proper lighting, you can use the flashlight to have confidence you will not fall over anything. This will reassure you that you and your children are taking the safest route while walking up to the house. You also want to make sure your cell phone is fully charged. If something does happen and you need to make a phone call, you will want to make sure the battery is charged up. When you return home and your children has a bag full of candy, make sure you check it for anything that could be dangerous to eat. If there is something that was tampered with or opened, the safest bet is to throw it out.

Halloween is a night to enjoy with your children, friends, and family. With these safety protocols, you can ensure to have the best night and make great memories.

If you are injured on Halloween or have any further questions, we encourage you to speak with an attorney at Greene and Phillips for further assistance. Our office is located at 51 North Florida Street in Mobile, Alabama. You can also call us at (251) 325-4925. Have a safe Halloween!

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