Industrial Accidents

Industrial Safety

Industrial plants and mills provide great jobs for many people in our area, so industrial safety needs to be a top priority. Large industrial workplaces such as chemical plants, steel mills, gas and petroleum plants, manufacturing plants, and shipyards are inherently dangerous jobs, so there are risks of injury to employees, as well third parties.

If you are injured in an industrial accident, seek medical attention immediately.  Make sure your manager is aware of the injury and that the appropriate forms have been filled out. Also, see if you can get witness statements from any of your coworkers that saw what happened. If you have a way to document the accident with pictures, do that too.  Sometimes companies do the wrong thing, and try to cover up details of the accident, and threaten their employees to not talk about the accident, so it’s important to recover as much evidence as soon as you can.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is involved in an industrial accident, it’s very important to hire a law firm that has previously handled this type of case. Industrial accidents can be very complex. There can be extensive investigations, third party responsibility, defective product issues, several different insurance companies, workers-comp issues, and more.  A lawyer that isn’t experienced with this type of case could easily miss one of these issues and cost your case thousands, or even millions, of dollars.

Should you have any questions about industrial accidents, or think you may have a case, stop by our office at 51 N. Florida Street to meet personally with an injury attorney, or call us anytime at (251) 300-2000. At Greene & Phillips, you owe us nothing unless we are able to get money for you.

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