Insurance Liability Disputes

At Greene & Phillips, we are known for handling car accident and personal injury cases. However, we can handle any sort of liability dispute between you and your insurance company to ensure that you get what is rightfully yours.

Insurance liability disputes occur when the insurance company tries to avoid paying you everything you deserve by claiming you are liable for some of the damages caused to you, your home, your business, or your vehicle.

If you are engaged in a car accident liability dispute, and the other party’s insurance company is disputing all or part of your claim, your attorney will need to build a strong case that clearly shows fault on the account of the other party. In order to do this, your lawyer will work to gather as much evidence as possible. He or she may also hire an accident reconstruction expert who can help recreate parts of the crash, perform calculations to show speed and distance to show what happened just before the accident, and give an opinion regarding liability.

Your lawyer may also use an investigator to contact and interview any witnesses. Finally, once all of the evidence of liability has been gathered, your lawyer will present it to the insurance company. At Greene & Phillips, we do not get paid for any of this investigative work unless we get money for you.

Importance of Determining Fault

Insurance adjusters and attorneys analyze accidents and disputes to determine what happened immediately beforehand. In many cases, there will be obvious indicators of the fault of a driver. For example, if the driver committed a traffic violation such as running a red light, the violation may be used as direct evidence of liability.

Other types of driving behaviors may also be negligent and cause accidents while not being illegal. For example, your attorney may look for evidence of the other driver being distracted. Police reports and the information in them provide important details, but they are not definitive or legal proof of fault in a car accident case, that is what makes the investigation so important.

If the insurance company succeeds in disputing liability, you may receive less money for your damages. If you wait to file your initial insurance claim, this could give the insurer grounds for denial. Also, if you have missed any important deadlines during the filing process, your insurance company could use this against you to dispute liability. It is imperative that you act quickly, which is why it’s important to have an experienced team of attorneys on your side.

If you are experiencing a dispute with your insurance company, call Greene & Phillips as soon as you possibly can at 1-888-510-1020, or fill out our free case evaluation. You can also come by our office at your convenience!

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