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Greene & Phillips donates to Vigor Football Team shoulder pad fundraiser
Posted on: August 7th, 2013 by J. David Greene

Law firm donates to Vigor fundraiser

$2000 donation meets minimum fundraising goal and allows team to purchase safety equipment. Mobile, AL, August, 6, 2013: Greene & Phillips - Injury Lawyers donated $2000.00 to the fund for Vigor High School Football Team to purchase needed safety equipment for the 2013 season. This amount increases the total amount of the fundraiser to $8000 which is the minimum needed to purchase new shoulder pads. Coach Ashley Johnson started the fundraiser so his team will be safe during future practice and football games. Many of the shoulder pads the school currently possess are 15 years old and no longer provide the necessary protection that is needed in the game. In a high impact sport such as football, proper and adequate safety equipment is necessary to reduce injury. David Greene and Will Phillips presented the $2000.00 check to Coach Ashley Johnson on the morning of August 6, 2013 just before the team began morning practice at 10:20am on the football field at Vigor High School in Prichard, Alabama. Coach Ashley Johnson told his team they should remember this gift when later in life they see a need they should pay it forward. David Greene told the students that when he saw the need he knew he had to do whatever he and Will Phillips could do to help meet that need. "Will Phillips and myself and the entire team of Greene and Phillips want to support you as a team. We are a team and we want to help you as a team. We love you guys. We support you guys. We know you will win, and we want to be apart of that." Coach Ashley Johnson, David Greene, Will Phillips and special guest Prichard Chief of Staff, Eddie Brown, posed with team members in front of the media for pictures and video. Greene & Phillips is a strong ally of injured victims' rights. As one of the region's largest personal injury law firms, they firmly believe proper safety equipment is necessary in many aspects of life including driving, sports, and on the job. Greene & Phillips has a long partnership with the community through support of various church events, Joey Jones Football Camp, giveaways of hands-free cellphone adapters, and sponsoring Mobile Gospel Fest and other events. You can support the cause by visitng their Go Fund Me page: More media coverage: NBC 15:

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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer
Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by J. David Greene

The lawyers at Greene & Phillips are all personal injury lawyers. A personal injury lawyer focusses on representing people who are involved in car accidents, or people who are victims of the negligence of another party. You may want to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer if you are the victim of an accident, like a car wreck. The person who is responsible for the accident has the duty to repay your expenses, and you may need a lawyer to make that happen. If you don't have an attorney, you're at an unfair disadvantage. Hiring a lawyer levels the playing field, and makes things more fair....

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North Mobile Comedy Series
Posted on: July 24th, 2013 by J. David Greene

Greene & Phillips is proud to support the 2013 North Mobile Baptist Church Comedy Series. July 15, 22, and 29 at 7pm. North Mobile, Comedy Series...

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Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Posted on: June 7th, 2013 by J. David Greene

David Greene from Greene & Phillips Injury Law Firm has some important information you need to know about Uninsured Motorist Insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage is a component of your auto insurance policy that is not required by state law. Uninsured Motorist (UM) covers your vehicle damage and injury costs if you are hit by someone without insurance. Underinsured Motorist (UIM) covers you if you are hit by someone who may have insurance, but not enough to cover your property damage or injury expenses. Someone may not have Uninsured Motorist coverage if they are trying to save money and may have waived their UIM component. Insurance agents sometimes don't explain its advantages very well. UIM/UM coverage is some of the most inexpensive insurance you can buy. Depending on your policy, many times it costs you an additional $15-20 every six months. It is very important to have Uninsured Motorist coverage on your policy because Alabama law requires every driver to have at least $25,000 in liability coverage. That is so if you hit someone, your insurance will pay up to $25,000 toward the injury or property damage of the vehicle or person you hit. Unfortunately many people do not have insurance. A recent study showed that one in four vehicles are not insured. If one of those uninsured vehicles hits you and causes damage, you will be stuck with the bill. We also see many instances where injury costs and vehicle damage total more than $25,000. Cars and trucks are heavy and can do tremendous damage quickly. You may get hit by a vehicle that has the Alabama minimum, but that amount of coverage may not be enough to cover your hospital bills. UM coverage steps in when you are in a wreck with someone who does not have enough insurance to cover the costs of the accident.  It pays for the balance of the cost up to the total amount of your own policy. Depending on your policy, your UIM coverage may cover you in an instance where you are hit by a uninsured driver while you are walking or riding a bicycle. Many insurance policies cover you as a pedestrian but not all of them. You should double check this on your own policy. You should always have as much Uninsured Motorist coverage as you do liability insurance. If you have questions about whether you have enough insurance, feel free to call or stop by, we would be happy to look at your policy with you....

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St. Jude's Run
Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by J. David Greene

    Greene & Phillips is a proud sponsor of the St. Jude's Memphis to Mobile Run St. Jude...

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by J. David Greene

From Studio 10: You've probably heard the term "Wrongful Death", but do you know exactly what it means from a legal standpoint? David Green, a personal injury lawyer from Green and Phillips says wrongful death lawsuits are filed when someone is killed through no fault of their own. Wrongful death may be the result of a car, truck, or ATV accident, a construction accident, or even an industrial accident, among other things. Typically the death is unintentional. When someone files a wrongful death lawsuit, he or she must prove that a company or individual was negligent, and that they were responsible for providing a safe environment and failed to do so. It's important that the person filing the lawsuit do so quickly due to the statute of limitations, and because evidence becomes increasingly difficult to obtain the longer you wait. The attorneys at Greene & Phillips can help families who have lost someone to a wrongful death. They start by doing a thorough investigation into the case. Then they hold the accountable parties responsible for that loss....

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Car Insurance Tips from an Injury Attorney
Posted on: March 15th, 2013 by J. David Greene

Car Insurance Tips After an auto accident if you are contacted by the other driver's insurance what does that mean?

9 times out of 10 that means the other driver's insurance company knows you have a case against them, and they are trying to do whatever they can to keep your claim against them as low as possible. If the accident wasn't your fault, they will be in a mad rush to reach you before you get a lawyer because it will save their company a large amount of money.

What is the insurance adjustor trying to accomplish by contacting you?

He will ask you if it's ok to make a recorded statement about what happened.  Unfortunately he may use leading questions that as you answer with the best intentions undermine and cause problems with your case.

What if you've been in an accident and the insurance company offers you a quick settlement?

100% of the time your case is worth more than what they are offering you.

When should you talk to an insurance adjustor?

You should first consult with a lawyer to see if you have a case before talking to any insurance adjustor.  Insurance companies are out to make a profit.  The only way they make money is to pay out as little as they can on claims.  They will often deny your claim, delay it, or defend themselves against the claim.

If an adjustor Calls you what should you do?

You politely tell them that you are represented by an attorney and that they will be in touch with them. David Greene was recently on Studio 10 to discuss this.


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BP Oil Spill Claim
Posted on: March 5th, 2013 by J. David Greene

The BP Civil Trial just started and some of you had questions about how that would affect the BP Oil Spill Class Action Settlement for businesses. David Greene says the Civil Trial and the BP Claims Settlement for individuals and businesses are actually two very different legal matters. What's going on now in New Orleans is the states themselves, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, requesting damages to cover their costs from the BP Oil Spill. The BP Class Action Settlement of last year, on the other hand, is for businesses and individuals who were affected by the Oil Spill. Any business owner in Alabama who meets certain requirements under the terms of the settlement is elegible for money damages from the BP Oil Spills Claim. David Greene says a lot of people think that only businesses along the coast can benefit from the settlement, but any business in the state may be eligible if it opened before or shortly after the oil spill. David Greene says the requirements have to do with showing a downturn in revenue in the months after the BP Oil Spill and then showing a recovery in 2011. He adds that the terms are very plaintiff friendly, and you have a variety of ways to show you had economic loss. Your business does not have to show your business was directly affected by the oil spill. To be eligible for the settlement, you have to show a downturn in business then a recovery, you can show that you were dependent on a larger business that was hurt by the oil spill, or that you lost a contract because of the oil spill. If you are a local business owner, you're probably wondering what steps you need to take in order to be a part of this settlement. David Greene says you should first consult with a lawyer who can guide you through the complexities and pitfalls of this this process. He says the lawyers at Greene & Phillips help clients gather the correct financial statements, and then take care of all the legal footwork. He says you should submit your claim as soon as possible. All claims must be in by early 2014....

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Carnival Triumph Cruise Disaster
Posted on: February 15th, 2013 by J. David Greene


On February 10, 2013 the Carnival Triumph cruise ship suffered a fire in the engine room resulting in a loss of power and propulsion for the vessal.  Over 4000 passengers and crew were left stranded on the boat in horrible conditions 150 miles from land.  For 5 long days the passengers of the Triumph had little food, suffered sweltering heat, and had to endure unsanitary conditions leading to viral and bacterial infections. If you or a loved one has suffered from being stranded on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship, call us today or fill out the online contact form to find out if you have a claim.  Be sure to talk to a lawyer before you sign anything from the Carnival Cruises or their lawyers....

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3 Questions You Must Ask Your Lawyer Before Hiring Him
Posted on: December 3rd, 2012 by J. David Greene

Before you hire a lawyer there are three questions you should ask them 1. How many cases like mine have you handled? The more experience your lawyer has can mean a big difference in the result of your settlement. Hiring a lawyer with years of experience will help you in a variety of different ways. He'll already have relationships established with the insurance adjustors and he will know the ins and outs of the applicable laws. Greene and Phillips has handled thousands of personal injury cases of a variety of types including car wreck cases, slip and fall cases, 2. What system does the lawyer have in place to keep track of cases. It may surprise you to find out that your lawyer is working on your case based on a paper file folder. This can mean lost records, being put at the bottom of a to-do list or even forgotten. At Greene & Phillips we use an advanced paperless computer system that ensures no file or record gets lost or misplaced and that there is always someone working to move your case toward settlement. 3. Ask your lawyer about settlement values of cases he has settled. You need to know you are working with a reputable firm that has has experience in handling large cases. Those attorneys who have had large settlements related to your injury type will have proven experience to get you the full value of your claim. ...

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