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Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents

In the United States, over 1.7 million people take to the skies each day in airplanes. Whether that is commercial or personal, there are always risks associated with flying in an airplane.

Aviation accidents are often due to the negligence of the airline, pilot, or maintenance crew. That negligence can leave you or a loved one injured because of a plane crash or other airplane mishap. Whether it was corporate policies, pilot error, or mechanical oversight that led to the accident, you deserve full compensation for your injuries, emotional turmoil, and other losses.

Flying airplanes and helicopters is highly regulated by the Federal Aviation Association, and if someone is not careful to follow the rules or tries to cut corners, the outcomes can be disastrous. People who find themselves injured as a result of this behavior need someone who will represent their interests in court.

Two Greene & Phillips attorneys, David Greene and Britt Bethea, are licensed pilots (instrument rated, high performance, complex), who regularly fly Greene & Phillips aircraft. Combined with their extensive courtroom experience, David’s and Britt’s deep understanding of aviation policies, procedures, and language allow them to clearly communicate technical aviation concepts to our injury clients and effectively litigate these cases.

It is very important to look at what caused the accident, and what led to the mistake that was made.  It may be pilot error, or negligence on the part of the ground crew or aircraft manufacturer. This can be a very complicated process as we try to ascertain who is at fault, and who is responsible for paying for our client’s injuries. It is important to have a team experienced in the field of aviation accidents on your side during this process.

On a large commercial aircraft, you may have more evidence from the black box to help you determine exactly what happened.  On smaller aircraft, there is less that can go wrong, but it can be difficult to tell the details of the issue.  In either case, if you have an experienced personal injury attorney who handles aviation accidents, they can likely get you money to cover your injuries, lost wages, and more.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an aviation accident, our experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys will work hard to obtain justice on your behalf. Our seasoned legal team will help you assert your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact our office now for a free consultation at 1-888-510-1020 or fill out our Free Case Evaluation!