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Pool Safety

Summer is here, and we all know that one of the best ways to beat the heat is to go swimming. But as much fun as swimming can be, safety around the swimming pool, or any body of water for that matter, should be of utmost importance. It is crucial to know how to swim, but if someone does not know how to swim, like children for instance, make sure they have the proper flotation devices. Also, make absolutely sure that children are never left unattended around a swimming pool, no matter how well you think they may be able to swim. If you are swimming at a public pool, it is important to be aware of others around you. Avoid horseplay, running around the pool, diving when you’re unaware of the depth, and swimming unattended. If you happen to see someone struggling to swim or in distress, you should seek help immediately. If you are able, get the person out of the water and call 911. Time is extremely limited in situations such as drowning.

Another step that is vital for maintaining safety around swimming pools is to establish rules for the pool area by which people should abide. All pools should have a proper barrier that helps to ensure that a child cannot get into the water without the help of an adult. It’s also a good idea to keep life-saving equipment near the pool area, such as a rescue ring or lifesaving hook.

If someone is injured in or near a pool, they should first seek medical attention. Call 911 if someone has drowned or is severely injured. It’s very helpful to have someone around that knows CPR in the event that a drowning does happen. We see accidents like this all the time due to improper barriers around pools, manufacturing defects with the pool itself, or even adults or lifeguards neglecting to properly watch the children or swimmers. Most of the time, these incidents occur at residential homes, where you would least expect it to happen. It’s always important to speak with an attorney to see what you’re able to do in the event of an accident. If you have any questions about pool safety or think you may have a case, please call (251) 300-2000, go to GreenePhillips.com, or stop by our office at 51 N. Florida Street to speak personally with an injury lawyer. You never need an appointment, and you owe us nothing unless we get you money.