Summer Safe Driving Tips – Studio 10 – June 13, 2023

Summer is here and that means more people are out on the roads visiting family and of course going on vacations. With all the added traffic, there is a greater possibility for car wrecks to happen. J. David Greene recently appeared on the Studio 10 Legal Matters segment from Fox 10 with Chelsey Sayasane to provide some tips for safe summer driving.

The Summer Traffic Jam

During the summer months, the number of people on the roads significantly rises. With kids out of school and families planning trips, there is a surge in traffic volume. Additionally, the combination of alcohol consumption and risky behaviors further heightens the potential for accidents. Notably, holidays like July 4th can be particularly dangerous, demanding heightened caution during these times.

Keep Car Properly Maintained

To ensure a safe journey, it is essential to prepare your vehicle adequately. David emphasizes a few key aspects of car maintenance:

Tire Check: Verify that your tires have adequate air pressure to ensure optimal performance. Safety Equipment: Regularly inspect and ensure the proper functioning of safety features such as windshield wipers, seat belts, and seat backs. These simple checks can significantly contribute to your safety on the road.

Cut out the Distractions

Distracted driving remains a significant concern, especially with more people on the roads. David emphasizes the importance of avoiding cell phone usage while driving. Designate a passenger to handle calls or texts, prioritizing safety over the urge to check your phone. Keeping your hands on the wheel and paying attention to the road should always take precedence.

Make Time for Pit Stops

After an incredible vacation, the road home can leave you feeling exhausted. David advises travelers plan their trips effectively, allowing for sufficient rest before setting out. Additionally, take frequent breaks to recharge yourself. Taking advantage of roadside parks or rest areas, even for a brief walk or a coffee break, can help re-energize and enhance focus.

Dealing with Accidents

In the unlikely event of an accident during your summer escapades, don’t panic!  It is, however, crucial to take the appropriate steps.

  1. Call the Authorities: Contact the police immediately to report the accident and ensure an official report is filed.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: Prioritize your health and seek medical treatment for any injuries sustained.
  3. Consult Legal Professionals: Whether local or out-of-state, contacting a reliable law firm like Greene & Phillips can provide the necessary guidance and support during the aftermath of an accident.

As summer brings increased traffic and potential risks on the roads, prioritize your safety while driving.  Simple tips like conducting regular vehicle maintenance, combating distracted driving, and addressing fatigue, can reduce your risk of being in an accidents.  Stay vigilant, be prepared, and have a safe summer on the roads.

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