Product Liability Law – Studio 10

In a recent episode of the Studio 10’s Legal Matters Segment, J. David Greene joined Joe Emer to talk about product labiality law and its significance in ensuring public safety.

The Nissan Jury Verdict

Greene & Phillips recently tried a product liability case where the jury handed down a $8.5 Million verdict against Nissan Motor Co. A young woman’s life was turned upside down due to a defective airbag designed and produced by the car company. These cases are crucial. They are essentially a shout-out to manufacturers, saying “Hey! You’ve got a responsibility to keep your products safe. If you mess up, the jury isn’t going to let it slide.”

Understanding the Compensation

$8.5 Million is not an arbitrary figure but was derived from various factors, including past and future pain and suffering, medical expenses, future surgeries, and the psychological impact of the injury. This verdict emphasized the role of compensatory damages in providing a fair resolution for victims of product liability cases.

Identifying a Legitimate Product Liability Case

There are no short of potentially dangerous products on the market. Some companies might cut corners or ignore safety recommendations to save costs, thus risking consumers’ safety. Recognizing such negligent behavior is crucial in identifying a genuine product liability case.

Product Liability Law and Public Protection

Alongside government regulations, product liability law is essential for protecting public safety. Although regulatory bodies do a commendable job in scrutinizing products and making safety recommendations, some companies choose to disregard these advisories, leading to preventable injuries.

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