Common Mistakes People Make After an Auto Accident – Studio 10

Do you know what to do after a car accident?  People often have a lot of misconceptions about what to do following a car wreck. J. David Greene from Greene & Phillips Injury Lawyers recently talked to Joe Emer about common mistakes people make after an accident on the Legal Matters segment of Studio 10 on WALA Fox 10.

Mistake 1: No Need to Call Cops After Minor Accident

After an accident, people often mistakenly assume they are unharmed and therefore decide not to call the police, but this common misstep could lead to serious complications down the line.

When an accident occurs, adrenaline and shock might trick you into thinking you’re fine, but injuries can surface later. Also, without an official accident report, you’ll lack important  documentation that can help a future injury claim.

Regardless of how you initially feel, ALWAYS call the authorities then seek immediate medical attention to get checked out.  A quick trip to an urgent care soon after your accident can save you serious problems later.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Doctor’s Recommendations

Another common mistake is failing to adhere to a doctor’s recommendations on recovery. Often, folks feel better after a few visits and prematurely stop following their doctor’s instructions. This can not only negatively affect your recovery but also impact your legal position should you decide to pursue a claim. That’s why it’s so crucial to follow medical advice diligently until the doctor gives you the all clear.  It’s not only important for your health but also the value of any potential compensation.

Mistake 3: Resuming Normal Activities Too Soon

A big mistake we often see is folks resuming normal activities too soon after an accident. Trying to do too much, too soon can hinder recovery and possibly make your injuries worse. The key is to listen to your body and your doctor’s advice to ensure you are not rushing your recovery.

Mistake 4: Not Contacting an Injury Lawyer

According to the insurance industry’s own research, car accident victims receive on average 3 1/2 times more compensation if they hire a lawyer than if they try to pursue a claim themselves.  An experienced injury lawyer will help you navigate your legal rights and handle a lot of the paperwork, so you can focus on getting better.

If you’ve made any of these mistakes, it’s important to call an injury law firm right away. Greene & Phillips Car Wreck Lawyers can often “patch up” any of these oversights and get you money.

Next time you’re in an accident remember. Call the police, get medical care, follow doctors orders, and talk to an experienced injury lawyer.

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