Ava Hodo awarded Athlete of the Week

Congratulations to Orange Beach High School freshman catcher, Ava Hodo, for winning this week’s Greene & Phillips Athlete of the Week award!

Emily Cochran drove over to Orange Beach High School on Wednesday to present the award to the very talented freshman catcher who has 11 home runs so far this season and 39 RBI.

Maco coach, Shane Alexander, said he’s not surprised at how well Ava has done this year, “Yeah, she’s probably one of the best hitters in the state, and we knew that as a seventh grader and an eighth grader, and she’s kind of taken it up a little bit, especially in the home run numbers. She’s got 11 so far, and the first two years she had nine. So the power numbers are there. The biggest thing is she’s just consistent.”

When asked about what got her to this level, Hodo responded, “I set goals at the beginning of the season to break some home run records that I’ve had. But I think I’ve done good situational hitting, trying to be a good teammate. That’s probably my biggest goal this year. So hopefully we can continue to have a good season and I can continue to help contribute to my team.”

Coach Alexander describes Hodo as “Very humble. You wouldn’t know it. Even as a seventh grader, she hit the walk-off home run to win our first state championship, and she’s a coach’s dream!”

Hodo said “I just don’t like being cocky. I’m glad. I’m proud of myself. But, you know, I have to work hard every single day and work hard no matter what. Nothing’s given to you. So I just want to continue to make my community proud and my teammates proud.”

Congratulations to Ava and the Makos back-to-back state champions. They’re now looking for that third.

David Greene of Greene & Phillips Injury Lawyers commented on the accomplishment. “What an outstanding team. And Ava has a great future ahead of her. Congratulations to the Orange Beach Highschool Makos and good luck!

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